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Getting your message across to a large number of people can be tricky without the right tools, banners are one way of tackling this problem. They are an easy way to convey a message to a large number of people without the inconvenience, and possibly high cost, of reaching each individual separately.

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    What Is a

    A banner is a long, large strip of material with a design printed on it to display an advertisement, slogan, or brand message. They are normally used to represent an organization, government, or company and can be suspended in many ways depending on what kind of mount the banner uses.

    Types of Banners Available
    in Sacramento

    When trying to choose an appropriate banner for your cause, the options are nearly endless. You can configure your banner depending on the design, material to use, and purpose. To help you make your selection, here are some options for banners and signs based on your design needs:

    • Pole Banners - These are small outdoor banners placed along streets and alleys and suspended using light poles. They are typically used to promote businesses or bring awareness about local events.
    • Feather Banners - Also known as feather flags, they are lightweight portable signs planted opposite businesses. They display simple messages like now open or for sale.
    • Pull and Retractable Banners in Sacramento - These banners are rectangular and not longer than 5 feet from the ground. They are collapsible and easy to transport. They are meant for trade shows and are a cheaper alternative.
    • Sacramento Banners Made of Fabric - Fabric banners are typically made from polyester or satin. They are easy to put up since they only need to be held at the top. They might fade when left outdoors for too long, so we recommended them for indoor use.
    • Vinyl BannersThis is the most popular material used for making banners. It’s durable, weather-resistant, and tear-proof.
    • Mesh Banners Near You - They are popularly used on construction sites. The light, permeable material allows mesh banners to withstand strong winds.

    Personalized Banners
    Based on Their Purpose

    Banners used by churches are different from banners used in universities. The purpose of the banner affects the design and the material used. For instance:

    • Business banners Used as a marketing strategy to promote local businesses; they are typically outdoor banners. They need to be durable, highly visible, and professional.
    • Custom banners These are often used for more unconventional purposes. For example, a pull and retractable banner can be used to promote two businesses or deliver two different messages, one on each side.

    Uses for Banners
    in Sacramento

    Each banner should be tailor-made to suit its function.

    For example:

    • Large banner printing for marketing – a company or organization can use one large banner to advertise and reach a larger audience. Such banners are typically placed in the busier parts of town.
    • Decorative vinyl banners in Sacramento – when pole banners are used for an institution, they are mostly used repetitively as decorations, indicating the name and slogan of the institution.

    The Cost of Banners According to Banner
    Printing Shops in Sacramento

    The price of printing a banner depends on numerous factors:

    • Size
    • Customization& complexity
    • Materials
    • Number of banners needed
    • Colors

    The best way to get a clear figure is to speak with a banner printing expert in Sacramento.

    Looking for Custom Banner
    Makers in Sacramento?

    Creating a banner for your business is an investment in your business, so you need to work with someone that you know will do it right. If you need more information on banners or banner printing depending on materials that you need to use, speak with Universal Signs’ expert team to learn more.

    Contact us to get started on your local banner signs project today!

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