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What Is a Bathroom

The name says what you need to know: it is signage that you use to indicate how to find and the location of the bathrooms in your space. The ideal bathroom sign is easy to read and most importantly, functional.
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    Types of
    Bathroom Signs

    There are plenty of types of bathroom signs available for your business. What kind of sign to use mostly depends on the type of building you’re in as well as what tone you want to set for your business.

    The types of bathroom signs available include:

    • Funny bathroom signs
    • Men’s bathroom signs
    • Pictogram-only signs
    • Women’s bathroom signs
    • Text-only signs
    • Gender-neutral bathroom signs
    • ADA bathroom signs

    Bathroom signs make it easier for those that need the bathroom to know where it is. This means that visitors won’t find themselves trying to get in the janitor's closet or the wrong bathroom when they need to relieve themselves.

    Bathroom signs can be a breeze when you work with the right company that makes bathroom signs. Universal Signs can help make getting your restroom signs seamless. We understand that restroom signs have to be designed with high visibility and put in a place where they can be easily seen to ensure that the customers don’t ever have to guess where they have to go to relieve themselves.

    Custom Options,
    ADA Compliance, and More

    Custom bathroom signs help you express your creativity and your brand identity through your signage in a way that’s consistent, but non-obtrusive.

    Businesses must also include restroom signs that are ADA (American Disabilities Act) compliant, and custom options help you keep compliance without having to stick to the same blue and white design you’ve likely seen all over.

    Some ADA requirements, depending on the situation, include:

    • Adding braille signage
    • Including wheelchair signs
    • Using signs with a matte finish without glare
    • For some signs, an oval shape
    • High contrast lettering

    Another custom option you might need is unisex bathroom signs. These are ideal for visitors who don’t feel comfortable or safe using specifically gendered bathrooms. Visitors should be comfortable when in your space, especially when using the restroom. For some of your visitors, unisex bathroom signs for your business maybe what they need to feel comfortable. You may have also heard of “all-gender bathroom signs.” This is another name for a unisex bathroom sign.

    Your Source for
    Bathroom Signs Near You

    If you are unsure how to go about getting the right bathroom signs for your business, there are professional bathroom sign makers in Sacramento that will lend you a hand. Your office bathroom signs should be done by professionals with extensive training.

    Universal Signs has plenty of signs to choose from for businesses that need bathroom signs installed at their offices. We handle your sign project so you can focus on other aspects of your business and you get high-quality, professional service, in Greater Sacramento Area California.

    Contact us to get started on your custom bathroom signs project.

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