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Custom Building Signs

Building signs are any sign attached or embedded to any part of a building. They can be used to make your brand message stand out from the crowd. Universal Signs, located in Sacramento, CA, can provide custom solutions for your business.

Building signs can be used for various reasons. They can be classified into several types. Here are the types of building signs available to you:

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    Exterior Safety Signs for Business in Sacramento

    Safety Signs

    These signs often provide warnings, and prohibitions, give emergency cues and provide regulations around the building. Depending on your building codes and county regulations, some of them may be required by law.

    Identification and
    Wayfinding Signs

    These are signs for buildings that can be used externally and internally. Externally they are used to identify the building by name and in some situations, by street name, these are called exterior building signs. Internally, visitors can comfortably find their way through your space with the help of your staff. These signs are key aspects when it comes to office branding since they’re all around your space.

    They provide directions to various rooms and, in large spaces such as terminals and hospitals, provide the correct identification for all rooms and entrances.

    Branding and
    Advertisement Signs

    Commercial building signs can be used externally or internally. They serve three purposes, to create a brand identity, to show what your brand is about, and to advertise.

    These advertisement signs can be placed inside or outside and are well designed and strategically placed to catch the attention of customers and by passers. The signs can be on the windows, outside, or even on the interior walls.

    Commercial Building Signs by Universal Signs

    Uses for
    Building Signs

    Some ways to use business building signs include:

    • Marketing & advertising - Each business needs marketing and advertising. Utilizing building signs is a way to be sure your marketing message gets seen.
    • Building brand recognition -  Building signs near you give any building or business a solid brand identity. This is achieved by using your business’s colors, fonts, and designs consistently on the building signs. This helps consumers or clients recognize the brand by just seeing the signs.
    • Helping a business stand out – Often done by using lighted building signs for dramatically increased visibility at all hours of the day.
    • Wayfinding - It gives directions and helps people find their way around large buildings such as hospitals and shopping malls. Using building sign letters that give specific directions to important amenities helps visitors find their way and navigate through such spaces.
    • Providing safety and health information - They communicate health and safety information in and out of the building.  Commercial buildings need to have signs that warn and guide their users on possible dangerous situations and places in a building.
    • Enhancing the appearance of a building or its surroundings – Wall murals purely just for beautification and decoration can be used to great effect for this.

    What’s the Cost of
    Building Signs?

    There are several types of business signs. The pricing is determined by the material, type of sign, and size. Making them depends on the manufacturer or the building sign maker and the installation also depends on the professional you hire for the job.

    If you require building signs in Sacramento contact Universal Signs and have your building signs ready and installed. We have a team of professionals who make sure you receive the best service from the time you call to the time the sign is installed.

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