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If you are in Sacramento, it is essential to take advantage of any chance you can to advertise, regardless of your industry. Your physical location offers plenty of opportunities to market your business using signs. Windows, walls, and outdoor spaces are popular spots for this.

Another great advertising location is the ceiling of your business or office. Signs suspended from ceilings or other high areas give your business a highly visible spot to communicate with clients and potential customers.

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    What Are
    Ceiling Signs?

    Ceiling signs, as their name suggests, include any and all signage that you mount to the rafters, beams, or other parts of the high-up spaces in your location.

    In a lot of locations, ceilings often go ignored when it comes to interior decoration and branding efforts. Whether you manage a small office or a whole building in Sacramento, it can be worthwhile to invest in at least one or two hanging business signs.

    Types of
    Ceiling Signs

    Depending on your needs, they may be crafted using a variety of materials. Acrylic, metal, and vinyl are the three most prevalent options. One- or two-sided ceiling signage is also available.

    Unlike their free-standing or wall-mounted counterparts, ceiling-hanging signs are less likely to be obscured and are visible from a greater distance. Depending on the size and weight of the material, they can be suspended via wires, hooks, or clips, or affixed directly to the ceiling. Signs for drop ceilings, for example, are often composed of lightweight materials and are fastened in place using plastic clips.

    Uses for
    Ceiling Signs

    Eye-catching signage suspended from ceilings offers a distinctive and adaptable marketing platform. These might be utilized in several ways to advance your firm.

    A hanging sign is used for wayfinding, frequently in conjunction with other forms of signage to give a pleasant experience for customers and guests in any constructed area. The widespread usage of hanging directional signage in supermarkets helps customers save time while searching for items.

    In addition to being used for wayfinding, ceiling signage also works for short-term objectives such as announcing special events, promoting discounts, or communicating essential information. Lightweight vinyl or PVC is an excellent option for hanging signage from metal grids in drop ceilings.

    Indoor Hanging Ceiling Sign for COFFEE

    Indoor Hanging
    Ceiling Signs

    For your indoor hanging sign, you can pick practically any design and color combination with the right custom signage partner. Keep in mind that your sign material may affect design options for your ceiling hanging sign.

    Ceiling Signs & Hanging
    Wayfinding Signs

    Suspended ceiling signs and hanging wayfinding signs will assist your business, hospital, or professional workplace by providing important information and displaying it in an area that everyone can see.

    There are four different types of wayfinding signs: identification, directional, informative, and regulatory.

    They provide directions to various rooms and, in large spaces such as terminals and hospitals, provide the correct identification for all rooms and entrances.

    Drop Ceiling

    A dropped ceiling is a secondary ceiling that is suspended below the primary (structural) ceiling. They’re a mainstay of modern commercial building and design.

    You can make the most of yours with signage that works with your interior design.

    Directional Indoor Hanging Sign for Business

    Get Ceiling Signs in Sacramento
    From a Sign Professional

    If you're interested in ceiling signs in Sacramento, Universal Signs has a team that’s eager to work with you; we provide a variety of expert solutions and handle everything from materials to design to installation. For us, it’s not just about getting the job done, it’s about making something you love and making connections with the community.

    Contact our sign specialists now to get started on your exciting new project.

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