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Understanding Custom
Wall Coverings and Their Uses

Wall coverings are types of finishes that are used for commercial spaces. If you are in Sacramento, CA Universal Signs is your go-to when it comes to expertly-crafted, professional commercial wallpapers or vinyl for your business.

Custom wall coverings are used for decorating interiors to bring positive change to commercial spaces. Too many plain walls can be de-motivating for your employees. When a business has an elegant and classy look, clients tend to develop a liking for the space and return to get the services or products and employees have greater pride in their workplace.

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    Types of Custom
    Wall Coverings

    There are several types of wall coverings. When choosing the specific wall covering for any space there are several considerations. They include how much light is needed in the space and whether the wall coverings are supposed to make the space look bigger or smaller.

    Here are the different types of wall coverings:

    • Printed wallpaper is a paper printed with various designs, and in some cases, it’s slightly textured. There are several variations for printed wallpapers that can fit different budgets.
    • A vinyl wall covering is designed for and printed on high-quality vinyl. The most common office vinyl wall coverings typically display eye-catching brand aspects or information.
    • Foam vinyl wallpaper is similar to vinyl wall coverings but has an aerated surface with tiny bubbles that produce a slightly cushioned feel. This is the best choice for spaces that experience frequent condensation as they are well insulated. They are extremely tough and durable.

    The cost of vinyl wall covering depends heavily on how much surface area you need to cover and the complexity of the design required.

    Uses for Custom
    Wall Coverings

    • They offer customization at a lower cost than a full remodel. Customize your branding by incorporating your business logo or any other graphics printed on a wall covering. They can be used as decor and also for customizing your branding efforts.
    • They beautify your commercial building. They can be customized or be commercial wallpapers that display information about your services and products. A commercial wall covering enhances your logo, slogan, colors, and brand and makes it more visible throughout your space.
    • Custom wall coverings can hide imperfections that may be on your wall. Using office vinyl wallpapers that are not too decorative is a solution to the imperfections on your office walls that you’d like to see disappear. As long as the imperfections aren’t anything major, you can kill two birds with one stone: renovation and decoration all at once. Some custom office wall coverings can be decorative vinyl wall coverings for spaces that require a vibrant look. These can be creative spaces or entertainment commercial spaces.

    For commercial wall covering installation in Sacramento, CA, contact Universal Signs and have the professionals install a custom wall covering for your commercial space and enhance its appearance.

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