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What Is a
Directional Sign?

A directional sign helps your customer find their way around a building, institution, or whatever physical location they may be in. These types of signs tell you where to go and are especially useful for hospitals, schools, and office buildings. They guide visitors when they need to go to a specific area so they don’t need to ask a staff member where to go.

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    Types of
    Directional Signs

    There are four main types of wayfinding signs. These are:

    • Identification - These inform the user that they have reached their destination. They may be in the form of plaques or markers.
    • Regulatory - These signs are more to do with your vistors’ safety. An example includes caution signs or signs indicating areas that they cannot access.
    • Directional - These are kind of internal map that guides the user to their exact destination. Continuity is the best thing for these types of signs. 
    • Informational - These signs must be universal and are typically used to indicate what services certain facilities have, even before users ask. 

    The Cost of
    Directional Signs

    Getting some custom directional signs is a savvy business move. Your signs will also act as a kind of sales representative. You can put your company logo, branding, and even sometimes contact details on your signage.

    Wayfinding signage has to be done just right or it can reduce functionality in your building for both customers and employees. Directional arrow signs work for all facilities and can be placed in most places be it interior or exterior. As long as there is no traffic or opposing signs in the same area as that may create confusion.

    Feeling overwhelmed at all? Don’t worry, Universal Signs has your back for all things signage-related. Get a quote and have some amazing signs put up around your premises that will stay within your budget.

    Custom Directional Signs For Events in Sacramento

    Event Directional

    When your company is hosting events, signage that helps your visitors find their way around your venue is crucial. Interior signs must be cohesive and easy to understand for users.

    Universal Signs makes signs for all kinds of events and placements. Exterior wayfinding signs must also be considered because they differ from interior directional signs. They do serve the same purpose, however, materials used to make them may be different.

    Work With a Sign Company
    Near You That Gets It

    You want to ensure your visitors have a great experience. Don’t wait to implement a comprehensive signage plan for your building, contact our sign experts and get started on a project that makes a difference.

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