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Environmental Graphic Design

Environmental signs are designed for interior or exterior spaces to create a satisfying experience for workers or visitors while keeping them informed. If you are in Sacramento, CA, and need these signs for your business or commercial building, Universal Signs has the team you should consult.

In a commercial space or building, environmental signs can be blended with environmental graphics to work towards a greater goal. Environmental graphics are used to implement interior, landscape, and industrial design principles to create a cohesive branded space that’s enticing, motivating, and easy to navigate.

Environmental graphics and signs used in modern office design use attractive words, colors, and images that back the beliefs of your business. The designs should back the vision, mission, values, and brand position of your company.


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    Types of
    Environmental Graphics

    Signage and wayfinding create a visual path and story throughout your corporate environment. They are created in a way that highlights your brand and enhances, or establishes, your office’s interior design. Walls and glass graphics involve using the walls as blank canvasses that can be utilized for brand influence or user experience. Words or phrases can be put on the wall or glass to evoke inspiration and creativity. All this depends on the mood the space has or the office design. This can create a desirable impression to staff and clients. It also rejuvenates your staff’s morale as they interact with your lively environmental office interior.

    Corporate office branding is needed in spaces where there are day-to-day interactions. Setting a mood while executing branding in this environment can be achieved with:

    • Logos at the entryways.
    • Banners listing what the business is about in the lobby.
    • A wall mural telling your business’s story or putting your brand on display in an artistic way.

    When someone walks through from the entrance of the business or building they get to know the story and brand experience of the space they are in.

    Uses for Environmental Signs

    Lighted Commercial Environmental signs
    • They help in the wayfinding process. Visitors can comfortably find their way through the space while adding some branded flair.
    • Environmental signs showcase your business culture, displaying your core beliefs with these signs gives a clear picture of what your company stands for. 
    • They create and support your brand identity by assuming your brand colors and themes. They are customized to fit the business and blend in seamlessly.

    The Cost of
    Environmental Graphics

    Environmental graphics give architectural designers the advantage of modernizing the spaces they are working on. When consulting with a local environmental design agency, pricing will vary depending on factors like the size of the graphic, the colors needed, the complexity of the design, and the number of graphics you require.

    Discover the
    Universal Signs Difference

    You don’t want just any environmental graphic design firm in Sacramento, CA. Choosing the one that can execute the job should be key before embarking on implementing environmental signs and graphics in your business. Contact Universal Signs and have professionals work with you to create something astounding.

    Exterior Environmental Signs and Graphics in Sacramento

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