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Get Some of the Best
Floor Graphics and Decals From Universal Signs

Are you looking for an excellent way to personalize your business space and make it more inviting? Universal Signs is the business that can help. We are innovative floor graphics experts in Sacramento, CA that transform business floors from underused spaces to opportunities for sales, marketing, and customer care.


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    Beautify Your Floors With Marketing
    or Customer Care Graphics

    You want people to see your brand, but nowadays they're staring down with their eyes glued to their smartphones. It's not surprising that floor graphics marketing and customer care have evolved into effective methods of attracting and directing customer attention.

    Our design experts are great at creating eye-catching graphics that grab your customer's attention and direct them to the action you want them to take. Whether that action is making a purchase, following a path, standing the required social distance, or recognizing a specific location in your business.

    Universal Signs loves to take on your higher-level projects, which typically involve making multiple signs, decals, or stickers. We are great at redecorating an entire office, store, or building.

    Our Offer to You

    Custom floor decals for Airports

    We offer the following design products that may positively impact and transform not only Sacramento businesses, but all customers throughout the US:

    • Floor decals
    • Custom floor decals
    • Social distancing floor decals
    • Custom floor signs
    • Removable floor graphics
    • Custom floor stickers

    What Are Floor Graphics?

    Floor graphics are signs, decals, or stickers made of imprinted or engraved materials. They're placed on a room's floor to give it a professional, beautiful look. They vary from modest to spectacular and are often used for business marketing, customer care, and, most importantly, to increase the aesthetic appearance of your business, workplace, or other commercial locations.

    Floor graphics & stickers for Business in Sacramento

    Types of Floor Graphics
    and Their Uses

    There are three main types of floor graphics:

    • Vinyl-based
    • Foil-based
    • Printed Linoleum Flooring Floor Graphics

    Vinyl Floor Decals
    and Vinyl Floor Signs

    These are substrates made of plastic, fabric, paper, or ceramic with a pattern or image printed on them. You can transfer them to another surface by contacting it with heat or water. Smaller designs and floor spaces are better suited for floor decals. These floor graphics are used both inside and outside your business, and they're especially useful in high-traffic locations.

    You can also customize them in die-cut shapes and with a non-slip layer to protect against slips and falls.

    Floor Graphics

    Over the years, foil-based floor graphics have grown in popularity. They are devoid of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and are biodegradable, making them environmentally friendly. If you have an uneven floor, they're also more pliable, which is very useful in outdoor scenarios.

    Printed Linoleum

    Forget about the frigid, unattractive surfaces of the past! This is a considerably thicker sort of linoleum that creates excellent floor graphics for larger areas, such as exhibitions or other events.

    Floor Graphics

    Custom floor graphics, stickers, and decals help you in creating an ambiance that is especially attractive to clients by adding fun personality to an otherwise dreary business environment. Graphics are excellent marketing tools for your business since they provide organizations with a sense of originality and panache.

    Furthermore, applying personalized floor graphics, stickers, or decals is likely to attract new clients who may not have previously shown interest in your business due to its generic appearance.

    Contact Universal Signs. We are creative floor graphics experts in Sacramento ready to boost your business.

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