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Even if a picture is worth a thousand words, a moving image is worth even more. They're dazzlingly lighted, may contain moving images or full-on video, and can attract and retain the attention of pedestrians for extended periods.

LED signs use light-emitting diodes "LED" to light and display rather than relying on television's low resolution. As a result, your signage will have a higher level of visual appeal due to its higher resolution and brightness.

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    Custom Outdoor Digital Displays for business in Sacramento

    What Is an
    LED sign?

    With an LED display or LED sign, you can create an image, text, or video using an array of individual LED lights (called "LED pixels" in industry terminology). This results in adequate picture quality with little pixelation since LED pixels are put extremely close together and the eyes can't notice the space between the pixels from a distance.

    LED signage and LED displays have a lower resolution than LCD digital signage (like a TV) because of the smaller number of pixels. However, for behind-the-window and outdoor digital signs, brightness and color output are far more eye-catching.

    A Common Misconception

    People will see certain kinds of lighted signs, especially LED, and describe them as “neon signs.” In most cases, these signs are LED of one kind or another. There is a type of LED called “flex neon” because of how well it can mimic the look of neon signs. These are actually LEDs housed under acrylic that shine through and create a similar kind of glow. So often when someone thinks they want a “neon sign” they’re actually looking for LED!

    Uses for LED Signs

    Using digital LED displays in the city's busiest locations is the ideal way to promote companies and goods. Advertising in this medium allows you to convey promotions for various items while also building brand loyalty and strengthening a company's standing in the marketplace.

    Types of LED signs

    1. LED Signs in Tri-Color

    Customers may be engaged through text messages, basic graphics, and animations with tri-colored LED signs, which are available in three vivid colors: red (the primary color), green (the secondary color), and yellow (the primary color). Full-color and double-sided signage allow you to change your message or design at any time.

    Tri-Color LED Signs by Universal Signs
    Customized Video Displays digital signage in Sacramento

    2. Display Screens for Video

    The most common kind of digital signage is video displays, which include customized text, videos, graphics, and animations.

    3. Menu Boards

    It's not unusual for restaurants to often alter and refresh their menus. With the use of digital menu boards, restaurant owners can quickly alter their menus while simultaneously displaying enticing culinary visuals to their customers.

    LED Coffee Shop Sign for Restaurants

    4. Lightbox or
    Cabinet Signs

    These are electrically lighted business signage with a transparent screen that emits light is referred to as backlit signage or lightbox. Lightbox signs may be used both inside and outdoors since they can be made to fit a variety of sizes. These feature a simple design and are lit from the inside.

    Translucent panels allow fluorescent or LED lights to shine through each sign's internal light source. This panel includes your company's logo, name, or other pertinent details. These signs are reasonably priced and make a strong visual impact both in the daylight and at night when illuminated. The form of a lightbox may be customized to fit your company's identity. Retail businesses, pubs, and restaurants all often employ this kind of lighting for their signs and displays.

    Classic LED Scoreboards for stadium

    5. LED Scoreboards

    No stadium is complete without one of these classic pieces of signage. They can make or break iconic spaces like Fenway Park, or they can add flair to smaller venues like colleges and high schools.

    Work With a Local Sign Company
    You Can Trust

    For us, it’s not just about getting a job done. Universal Signs is looking to provide you with a comprehensive professional sign experience. We’re not happy until you love the work we’ve done for you.

    Contact us now to speak to one of our dedicated team members and figure out what LED sign will serve your business best.

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