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Metal Signs
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What Is a
Metal Sign?

Metal is one of the best materials to use for sign making for its high durability. The most popular metal material is aluminum because it is affordable and flexible.

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    Types of
    Metal Signs

    When it comes to metal signs there is a major variety in the types that are available. From stainless steel, bronze, and brass to aluminum these metal sign types can serve a number of purposes and aesthetics.

    Smaller signs have a fair amount of durability. They last on average about 3 years if they are installed outdoors and more so if they're installed indoors. The outside life span can also be extended to around 6-10 years but when you use specialized types of metal or metal treated with certain coatings.

    Outdoor Metal Side Walk Sign for Business in Sacramento

    Uses for
    Metal Signs

    Metal signs work well both outdoors and indoors. This is due to them being rigid and more durable than other materials. They are very versatile as well so they can fit all kinds of modern aesthetics for your business.

    Cost of
    Metal Signs

    Your metal sign’s cost can vary depending on factors like:
    • Whether you’re choosing brass, traditional steel, titanium, stainless steel, bronze, aluminum, or a mix thereof. Certain metals will cost more than others
    • What kind of treatment, if any, you’re looking to get on your sign. Some companies like to create metal signage that’s intentionally oxidized for a specific kind of industrial or time-worn look. A waterproof coating on your signage could also add to the price.
    • How large the sign is. Bigger signs mean a bigger budget.
    • How complex the sign is. By sheer virtue of requiring more work time, complex metal signs will cost more.

    Custom Metal Signs
    Near You

    If you're located in and around Sacramento, CA contact Universal Signs for any custom metal sign installation needs you may have.

    Universal Signs is a sign installer/metal sign manufacturer located in Sacramento. We specialize in creating many different top-of-the-range signs. We carry metal signs such as:

    A Sacramento Sign Installer and
    Fabricator You Can Trust

    We do not only specialize in metal signs but also a range of other sign types including custom signs, vinyl wraps, and more. Working with other businesses in the area is our passion.

    If you're living in and around the Sacramento area, contact Universal Signs and one of our team members would be happy to get started with you.

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