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Post and Panel Signs Sacramento County CA


Post and Panel
Signs Sacramento County

Post and panel business signs are economical, multi-purpose, and ideal for outdoor use. These visual communication tools are characterized by single or double sided planks that are supported by one or two vertical poles. They often display your company name, logo, slogan, address, and other significant details about your business.

If you want to invest in top-notch outdoor post and panel signs, Universal Signs is here for all your needs. Give us a call today to learn more. 

Practical Wayfinding Solutions
for Your Sacramento County Company

An effective way to help your customers find unfamiliar locations in your establishment is by displaying clear and concise directories and directional cues. Our post and panel signs are perfect for this purpose since they are inexpensive yet have a large structure and noticeable qualities. Putting them up within your property or facility ensures that your customers don’t get easily frustrated while looking for specific areas, people, amenities and items. 

Boost Your Brand Visibility With
Sacramento County Post and Panel Signs

Customers are exposed to various advertisements each day. As a smart entrepreneur, it is crucial that you get creative with your marketing efforts to stay top of mind. The good news is that our team provides strategic design and placement solutions to maximize your advertisements to their fullest potential.

If you are on the hunt for temporary signs that help raise brand awareness, post and panel signs are the perfect cost-effective solutions. Universal Signs fabricates different kinds of PVC post and panel signs with vinyl graphics that are easy on the pocket. These are more economical than aluminum or metal but are resilient enough to withstand inclement weather and pollution. They’re even more long-lasting than wood post signs.  

Versatile Visual

Our Sacramento County team can customize your post and panel signs for multiple communication and marketing purposes.

Do you own a large facility that houses several brands or stores? Let the public know by converting them into multi-tenant signs that have interchangeable panels or lightboxes. Do you want something similar to monument signs but you still don't have the budget? Post and panel signs are fantastic alternatives that you get purchase in the mean time.

Post and panel signs are also often used to inform customers about ongoing construction work, real estate properties in the market, advertisements, and other short-term or medium-term announcements. 

#1 Local Sign Company
in Sacramento County 

Universal Signs is a dependable full-service sign company in Sacramento County. We take pride in providing visual communication tools that add value to your business. Beyond our signs, we also pride ourselves on having impeccable customer service throughout the signage process.

Although post and panel signs are not intended for long-term use, we still make sure to manufacture them to be as resilient as possible. This way, they don't easily fall over or get damaged.

For exceptional post and panel signs in Sacramento County, talk to one of our experts today! You surely won’t regret it.


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