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What Is a Post and
Panel Sign?

A post and panel sign is a popular option for a school, company, or organization in terms of visibility, cost, and lifespan. A post and panel sign is a sort of signage we provide at Universal Signs, but what exactly is it? We'll take a closer look at post and panel signage so you can make an educated decision about whether or not it's right for you.
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    Post and Panel Signs:
    A Quick Guide to the Basics

    This kind of sign is freestanding. For a post and panel sign, the post and panel (or panels) are its two main components.

    The sign's face is on the panel, and the posts are what hold it in place or keep it steady. Stands with just a single flat panel in between are the most common form of these signs. Wood, vinyl, aluminum, and metal are among some of the most common materials used in their construction, which is why they are typically so affordable.

    Trim or molding may be added to these signs as an option. To further personalize the panel, you may also choose the form, color, and font of your choice. There are a lot of options to personalize the design, even if it seems to be basic at first glance.

    It's important to think about the kind of material you want to use when selecting a post and panel sign for your business.

    The following are just a few possibilities to think about:

    • Aluminum poles with vinyl sheets attached to them.
    • Wooden poles with panels connected to them.
    • A wrought-iron pole with aluminum panels attached.
    • And so much more thanks to custom sign options!

    Reasons for Using
    Post and Panel Signs

    Even though they are often employed for secondary purposes, post and panel sign systems are often the primary means of distinguishing one structure from another. It's usual for secondary applications to be used for directional, regulatory, or educational objectives.

    These signs are often placed outside, at the borders of sidewalks or streets, where they are plainly visible. This kind of sign is ideal for identifying buildings, parking lots, and pedestrian areas. Post and panel signs may be used for so much more than just identifying a company location!

    Education, real estate, events, and venues are all common places to encounter these sorts of signage. However, you'll also find them utilized for various purposes, such as guiding guests or declaring state and county boundaries.

    Your Reliable Source for
    Post and Panel Signs Near You

    Using post and panel signs to advertise your brand is a popular choice for companies that want to make a statement. Make an impression, get your brand in front of as many people's minds, and keep it simple with expertly designed post and panel signage.

    Contact the Universal Signs team to get started on your next project.

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