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What Is a
Pylon Sign?

A pylon sign is a freestanding sign with one or two poles supporting it. A stiff or flexible face is usually attached to an aluminum or steel frame.

One or both sides may be used to show your message. Although LED or fluorescent bulbs may be used to illuminate pylon signage, they can also be kept unlit.

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    Exterior Freestanding Signs for Business in Sacramento

    Some Common Nicknames for
    Pylon Signs

    This style of signage is formally known as a pylon, although they’re often known as road signs, freestanding signs, pole signs, and highway signs.

    What Are the Benefits of
    Using a Pylon Sign?

    VISIBILITY: A pylon sign's height allows it to be seen from a long distance, making it an excellent tool for promoting your company and drawing attention.

    Your company's message may be tastefully shown on a pylon sign because of its significant size. You'll have more room to show off your photographs, logos, and text on these signs since they're so much larger.

    LOCATION: A pylon sign may be positioned where it is most likely to be seen. A storefront sign won't do you much good if your building itself is obscured by foliage or other obstructions. Adding a pylon sign to your business's front lawn can help you draw in more clients.

    A pylon sign is a great option:

    • If your shop is located back from a major thoroughfare
    • If you have a parking lot in front of your business
    • If you wish to clearly indicate your company's entrance
    • If your company is obscured by another structure, making it harder for clients to discover you
    • If you wish to draw more traffic from a nearby roadway
    • If your company is in an industrial location with long distances between facilities and warehouses, making it easier for vehicles to locate you

    Types of Pylon Signs

    1. Single Pole Road Pylons

    Custom signage like this is classy and timeless. When a single-business site has to be easily visible from the street and sidewalk, these signs are popular.

    Custom Single Pole Road Pylons Signage
    Lightbox Road Pylons for Shopping centers

    2. Lightbox Pylon Signs

    Shopping centers and malls may use lightbox road pylons to attract customers. It is possible to create taller and more ornate versions of these signs for maximum visual impact. They are usually located by the roadside at the entrances and exits.

    3. Road Pylons With Double or Twin Poles

    For the most part, the decision to use dual pole roadway pylons is an aesthetic one. For larger signage, a dual-pole design may be necessary.
    Exterior Double Pole Pylons Signs in Sacramento
    Construction Road Pylons for Business

    4. Covered Road Pylons

    You may customize the style and feel of your pylon sign by fully enclosing and covering the poles. Covered signage may be used to match or complement the outside of your business building. Lightboxes, electronic message boards, and traditional signage may all be used on covered pylons, depending on your requirements.

    5. Pylon Directory Signs

    Commercial buildings with several tenants will benefit greatly from this option. Traffic flow and consumer satisfaction are both improved by this signage.

    Pylon Directory Signs for Commercial buildings in Sacramento

    Universal Signs in Sacramento Is Your Source for
    Professional Pylon Signage Solutions

    Pylons sign production can be an involved process, so it’s best to get started sooner rather than later.

    Contact us today to talk to our team today and get started.

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