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Trade shows play a significant role in the sales lives of a variety of businesses. Exhibitors may showcase their products and services to an audience actively seeking suppliers at conferences and trade exhibitions. This makes it crucial to have a trade show booth that attracts your target audience's attention, looks professional, supports the message you're trying to express, and leaves a favorable impression.
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    What Is a
    Trade Show Display?

    A trade show display is a highly visible representation of a company's products. The business benefits from this display by attracting prospects during trade shows so that its sales team can do the rest.

    Types of
    Trade Show Displays

    Several types of trade show displays are available. They can be configured in about any way conceivable, but pop-up exhibitions and panel displays are the two most popular trade show display systems.

    Pop-up Trade Show Displays

    Pop-up exhibits are composed of a flexible panel linked to an accordion-style frame that stretches and snaps into place to form a curved or angled wall. This structure serves as your trade show booth's rear wall.
    Pop-up Trade Show Displays for Events in Sacramento
    Custom Panel Displays for Exhibitions

    Panel Displays

    Panel displays are more stable than pop-up screens but are often heavier and more intensive to set up. They may be readily assembled in a variety of ways since they consist of fabric-covered rectangular portions that can connect.

    Tabletop Trade Show Displays

    Tabletop displays resemble smaller versions of a panel or pop-up display but are meant to fit on a table. They are ideal for events when larger displays aren't essential, or when space is at a premium.

    Other common types of trade show displays include:

    • Modular exhibits
    • Pipe-and-drape displays
    • Tabletop displays
    • Truss displays
    Tabletop Trade Show Displays for Events

    Uses for
    Trade Show Displays

    If you are hoping to represent your Sacramento business at a trade show, you are probably wondering how you can use trade show displays. Many industries rely on trade exhibitions to bolster their sales. Through trade show displays, exhibitors can showcase their products and services to an audience ready for what they have to offer.

    • Trade Show Booth Displays - A trade show booth is where you set up displays advertising your business. Having a booth that stands out from the crowd is the best way to encourage people to notice your exhibit at any event, whether it's the Consumer Electronics Expo, E3, or even a small home products show.
    • Portable Trade Show Displays - Portable trade show displays are displays that can be moved around easily. Portable displays provide several advantages and practicality for exhibitors. They are user-friendly, high-quality, and effective. The movability of portable displays makes them suitable for shipping, storage, and transport to and from events.
    • Banner Stands - Banner stands are portable display stands with custom-printed banners. These banners are easily moved in carrying bags and increase your company's visibility, making them excellent for trade shows and other promotional events.

    Trade Show Display Companies
    in Sacramento

    Your trade show display can make or break your ability to generate leads and maximize your return on investment. A decent trade show display is essential for showcasing your company's offerings and attracting the attention of potential customers and clients. If you don't have an eye-catching exhibit, you'll miss out on possibilities for networking at a trade show, including generating leads and growing your brand.

    For top-notch trade show displays in Sacramento, contact Universal Signs. We are a reputable company whose primary objective is to make trade show displays that match your organization's needs.

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