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High-Quality Custom
Vehicle Wraps Sacramento

At Universal Signs, we've had the pleasure of wrapping a wide variety of automobiles.  Your company’s trucks, cars, vans, tankers, boats, and buses can be upgraded to advertise your company’s mission, tag line, and any graphics. Our team of skilled car-wrappers can get the job done on time, every time.

PVC or vinyl is the most common material for commercial car coverings.  A vehicle wrapping service can completely transform your company vehicle of choice. 



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    When It Comes to Commercial Car Wrapping, There Are
    a Variety of Advantages to Consider

    • Completely customizable to your brand and marketing strategy.
    • They are durable, UV protected, and can look fresh for years.
    • Every day your vehicle is out on the road, you can generate thousands of impressions.
    • Vinyl wraps protect the original paint of a vehicle, protecting its potential resale value.

    Stand out from your competition and turn your vehicle into eye-catching advertising machines and bring attention to your company by allowing you to stand out from the crowd. If you wrap a car, you're exposing your product or service to hundreds of prospective buyers daily.

    Some Common
    Vehicle Wraps Include:

    Matte Wraps

    A matte wrap gives your vehicle a matte surface, as the name suggests. This surface does not allow light to be reflected. A matte cover gives your car a timeless appearance. It also helps your vehicle stand out from the crowd. The matte vehicle wraps may be used to produce a variety of patterns and textures. This vinyl wrap Sacramento is popular in the greater Sacramento Area due to its distinct design.

    Customized Matte Wraps for cars

    Glossy Wraps

    In certain ways, a glossy wrap may evoke the look of vintage automotive paintwork. A glossy vehicle wrap has a much more refined and consistent finish. You can completely transform the appearance of your vehicle with a glossy commercial car wrap.

    Satin wrap

    Satin vehicle wraps are more reflective than their matte counterparts. Adding a satin wrap to your vehicle gives it a polished appearance without being glaringly reflective. Because of this, a satin vehicle decals is a perfect option if you want a blend of shine and matte. If you’re looking for a more modern look, a satin wrap may be the option for you.

    Commercial Satin vehicle wraps by Universal Signs
    Brushed Texture and Material Car Wrap in Sacramento

    Brushed car wrap

    There are two basic varieties to choose from. Both brushed texture and brushed material vehicle wraps are available. The brushed texture car wrap provides a more realistic aspect to your vehicle since it doesn't reflect as much light. It is simple to apply a brushed wrap. It may transform the appearance of your vehicle.

    Vehicle Wrapping Near You
    That You Can Trust

    Curious about how you can best use a commercial vehicle wrap for your business? Or just want to get started on your project? Contact the Universal Signs team to discuss the next steps for making your vehicle into something truly special and profitable!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How are graphic wraps made?
    First you start by sitting down with one of our team members and discussing the design you want and what kind of vehicle it’s going on. Then we print the design on whatever size vinyl sheet you need. Finally, we apply the wrap to your vehicle.
    What material is used to wrap vehicles?
    Vinyl is what’s used to wrap cars, the kind of vinyl will depend on your vinyl wrap supplier and what your needs are. You can find out more during your consultation.
    How effective is vehicle wrap advertising?
    It’s incredibly effective! In the right circumstances a well-designed wrap can make thousands of new impressions every single day that it’s on the road. It can make new impressions even when it’s parked, though it will likely make fewer new ones.
    How do you install vinyl graphics?
    We print your design on a vinyl sheet, assess your vehicle, test out the placing, and then use a specialized heat gun to get it to adhere to your vehicle.
    How long does a wrap last?
    The average time a wrap lasts is three to five years, but this heavily depends on how well you take care of it as well as what kind of weather your area has. You can speak with one of our team members to give you a better idea of what you need to do to make it last for years to come.
    What vinyl is used for wraps?
    This depends on who you go to for your wrap, but brands of vinyl that are popular include 3M, Avery, and Briteline. If you want to learn about what kind of materials we use or which type of wrap would be right for your vehicle, you can speak to one of our friendly sign professionals.
    How do you use car graphics?
    It depends on what you mean, but we can cover all the basics with you. If you’re asking how you actually can utilize graphics to their fullest effect, we recommend putting them on whatever vehicle, or vehicles, your business owns that will be out on the road the most often.

    If you’re wondering what you can use them for, you can use them primarily to raise awareness and drive leads. They can also help put your customers at ease if you’re a business that makes house calls.
    How much does a vehicle wrap cost?
    This depends on the size of the wrap you need and the complexity of the design you need. The best way to get an accurate figure is with a consultation.
    Where can I do vehicle wrapping in the Greater Sacramento area?
    We recommend you work with our team at Universal Signs to get an excellent vehicle wrap. We’ll create something with you that you can be proud of.

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