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Vinyl Wall Murals


What Is a
Wall Mural?

Vinyl wall murals are a great alternative to the old-school way of manually hand painting walls. That's because while the hand painting process was costly and consumed a lot of time, vinyl wall murals typically cost less and definitely require less time. They’re ideal for making your space more visually appealing and disclosing more about your business/company to your customers as well as displaying your products.

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    Uses for
    Wall Murals

    There are two main uses for wall murals:

    • To make an impression – Wall murals are a great way for businesses to raise brand awareness. It helps customers notice any new products and or special sales that are around when used to feature those aspects of your business.
    • Create unforgettable atmosphere – The right wall mural design for your business can create an environment that enhances customer experience in your space. In short, wall murals can transform your walls into something that doesn’t just look good, it supports your business.
    Decorative Interior wall murals by Universal Signs

    How Much Do Wall
    Murals Cost?

    This depends on the complexity of the design you need, how much color it uses, and how big the wall is that you need to cover. Your best bet to get an accurate figure is to contact us and speak to one of our expert team members.

    Types of
    Wall Murals

    Some of the main types of wall murals are:

    • Photography murals – These feature various photos of your business can take on varied forms from a single photo to collages.
    • Artistic image murals – These showcase the visual aspects of your brand in a more abstract or interpretive way. This is a mural that you’d likely work very closely on with our team. These are also sometimes referred to as decorative wall murals.
    • Corporate recognition murals – You can show your employees appreciation in a way that’s stylish and boosts morale.
    • Custom wall murals – These are specific to your design and taste and are a great way to show visitors how unique your brand offering is.
    • Interior wall murals - As the name suggests, this is any and all murals installed within your building. This can include things like office wall murals, business wall murals, vinyl decals and more.
    • 3D wall murals – These are murals that through clever design techniques give an illusion of depth. You can use them to make your space appear bigger than it actually is, or just for a fun change of pace in your visual branding assets.

    Universal Signs Is Your
    Sacramento Solution for Wall Murals

    When you’re committing an entire wall, or multiple walls, to a pivotal visual branding asset like a mural, you want to ensure you’re in the right hands.

    Contact us today to speak with one of our team members about how we can craft a mural specific to your business in Sacramento, CA.

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