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Window Film

Window film has a variety of uses, it can be applied to an entire window to help filter UV and block the sun, it can add privacy, or it can be used to decorate a window for all kinds of advertising, whether it’s a seasonal offer or a product feature.

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    Types of Window Film

    Window Film

    There are window tint film varieties designed just for aesthetic or privacy purposes. Examples of privacy window films are opaque and transluscent window films. Often offices will opt for perforated window film which lets everyone inside see out while blocking anyone outside from seeing in.
    Privacy Window Films for Office in Sacramento
    Window Tint for office in Sacramento

    Window Tint

    With good reason, office window tinting has become a popular architectural improvement. Office windows may be tinted in a variety of ways by having a distinct film put. There are several beneficial commercial uses for both large and small enterprises. Larger commercial structures appreciate the financial benefits, while smaller enterprises adore the sleek appearance.

    Window Film

    If you are in Sacramento and you wish to alter the appearance of your glass for aesthetic reasons, you can pick from a variety of decorative window tints. For instance, opaque window films printed in full color might be used to add solid images such as logos or letters to windows. Alternately, you might go for translucent or transparent printed window tints to add transparent decorative images.

    Window Film

    To offer seclusion to specific areas, frosted window tint can be applied to full pieces of glass or parts of your glass. Frosted window film is an ideal option for businesses and commercial facilities that wish to increase the privacy of glass walls around conference rooms, private offices, and reception areas.
    Custom frosted window tint for businesses
    Commercial Window Tinting by Universal Signs

    Window Tinting

    Do you sense that particular areas of your business's building are growing hotter than others? Do you anticipate that your air-conditioning costs will be exorbitant when summer arrives in full force? Through commercial window tinting, you may solve these issues and a number of others.

    Window tinting is a simple, cost-effective solution to these and other problems.

    What’s the Cost of
    Window Film?

    The type of window that has to be tinted impacts how much window tinting costs. Large and flat windows often cost less per square foot owing to ease of film installation. Because the cost can vary significantly depending on your needs, we recommend you start by speaking to one of our talented team members.

    Your Window Tinting
    Experts in Sacramento, CA

    If you are a business owner in Sacramento, chances are that you have asked yourself where you can get window tint services. While there are many sign businesses which might suit your needs, Universal Signs is one of the reputable few that provide excellent window tinting services. Our major focus is to satisfy your needs by providing customer-centered services.

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