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Channel Letter Signs
in Sacramento

Channel letter signs are naturally eye-catching. Their bold, shiny letters help your business stand out. More and more businesses, especially in Sacramento, are using channel letter signs to bring in customers.

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    Storefront Metal Lettering Signage for Movie in Sacramento

    What Are Channel

    Channel letters are the metal lettering signage that you see on many buildings. They’re often custom-made. The letters are made of metal or plastic, depending on a business’s needs. You’ll often see these letters illuminated at nighttime, making them more visible for everyone to recognize.

    Uses for Channel Letter
    Signs & Their Perks

    The reason businesses like to use channel letters is that they’re an excellent way of advertising their business and making it more noticeable at all times of the day.

    Here are some other reasons businesses use channel lettering for their outdoor signage:

    • Environmentally friendly - Signs that use channel lettering typically use LED lights which make them more energy-efficient and in turn reduce their carbon footprint when compared to other lighted signage.
    • Cost-effective advertising - Once a custom sign is made, it will last for many years to come. This means it will be catching potential customers’ attention for years to come. Whether you are a new business or an established one, keeping overhead costs lower is key.
    • Round-the-Clock Visibility - Because channel letters are lit constantly (if you choose to keep them lit, that is), they never stop making your business stand out, no matter what time of day it is.

    What’s the Cost of
    Channel Letter Signs?

    The cost can vary as the sign would be custom-built. At Universal Signs, we can give you a direct quote on how much the channel letter sign will cost. It will depend on the lettering, font style, color, and more. Graphics can be added to these signs as well, which will also affect the cost. No matter what your needs are, we offer competitive prices in the Sacramento area.

    Outdoor Channel Letter Signs in Sacramento

    Popular Places That Use
    Channel Letter Signs:

    You may think that it’s just big businesses with tall buildings that use these signs. But if you are in the Sacramento area, here are some of the channel letter signs nearby that have these signs:

    • Restaurants
    • Casinos
    • Theaters
    • Schools
    • Warehouses
    • Service Centers
    • Churches

    Choose us?

    We’re a channel letter sign manufacturer in Sacramento, CA that is committed to making the best signs for your business through excellent team members and top-notch equipment to support their work. Here are some options our team can provide for you:

    Don’t worry if what you need isn’t here, we offer custom services and sign fabrication so you can have options that are as unique as your business.

    Contact us now to talk to one of our team members, we’re always delighted to work with locals to improve their business.

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