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Dimensional Letter Signs
in Sacramento, CA


When setting up a business having signs is instrumental as they aid in various areas. Signs provide your building or business with branding assets, act as way finders, and/or give instructions. A popular kind of signage for this is dimensional letter signs. 

If you are in Sacramento, CA, and need dimensional sign letters, Universal Signs is your go-to company. We can handle multiple signs and customize any type of sign to suit your business or building.

You might ask exactly what these dimensional letters are. They are letters from various materials such as:

  • Plastic
  • Aluminum
  • Wood
  • Steel
  • HDU foam

As their name suggests, these signs have a 3-dimensional appearance. They can be used outdoors or indoors and can fit all kinds of budgets for signs for a building.


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    Types of
    Dimensional Letters

    • What differentiates dimensional letters is the material and benefits of your dimensional letter sign. Here are the types of dimensional letters that are best for your business or building:
    • Cast metal letters are mostly used when you need a sleek, professional look. They are typically made from aluminum to create your metallic dimensional letters.
    • Water jet flat-cut metal letters are another method of creating metal lettering. They can use metals such as aluminum, traditional steel, bronze, and brass. Or you can use stainless steel to make stainless steel dimensional letters. These letters are studded in the back and can be flush-mounted on the walls using spacers.
    • Formed plastic letters are an easy option for other dimensional letters. They can be illuminated or backlit and work well outdoors even in adverse weather conditions. Backlit dimensional letters are mostly used in hotels, restaurants, and supermarkets.
    • PVC letters and logos are recommended outdoors and on the sides of restaurants, banks, and schools. They can be installed in different styles and fonts to make 3D logos and 3D letters.
    • Laser-cut and routered acrylic cut is another option for dimensional letters. They are used when the end result is intended to be a sleek and unique look. They are cost-effective and affordable.
    • Fabricated metal letters are another method of crafting metal dimensional letters. They are made of steel and aluminum and are long-lasting. They can be designed with different kinds of finishes and colors.
    Commercial Outdoor dimensional letter Sign in Sacramento

    The Cost of
    Dimensional Letters

    The cost of dimensional sign letters depends on the components used and also the location they’ll be installed in. Indoor dimensional letters are lower cost compared to outdoor 3D dimensional letters

    The price range is wide because of all of the different types of dimensional letters available and their varying sizes.

    Uses for
    Dimensional Letters

    • Enhance the indoor and outdoor appearance of your building with unique designs and colors.
    • Non-obtrusive outdoor advertising for your brand. They catch the attention of passers-by and pique their interest without being obnoxious.
    • Engage the general public and give important information in or outside a building. In a mall, they can be used to label rooms or spaces working as way finders.

    Getting dimensional letters in Sacramento should never be a hassle. Universal Signs specializes in making multiple signs for buildings and businesses and can design and install dimensional signs and other signs. They have well-trained professionals who make sure you enjoy the best service when you contact Universal Signs to the time the signs are installed in your building or business.

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