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Custom Outdoor
Hanging Signs

Hangings signs provide an opportunity to draw potential customers to your business. 71% of clients buy from recognizable places. Universal Signs designs professional hanging signs done to perfection. It is the go-to company in Greater Sacramento Area, offering a wide range of branding solutions for a successful business.

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    Outdoor Hanging signs for Tattoo

    What Are
    Hanging Signs?

    Hanging signs are placed perpendicular to sidewalks or buildings, or are hung from the ceiling when implemented indoors. The aim is to identify your location, provide direction, or impart crucial information to buyers in different industries, businesses, or retail.

    Types of
    Hanging Signs

    The main differentiator for these kinds of signs is whether they’re interior or exterior. Those found outside are exterior and typically focus on pointing out location or business type, while internal hanging signs often give more specified directions.

    Exterior Hanging Business Sign for Efes
    Hanging ADA Restroom Signs in Sacramento

    Hanging Signs

    The signs are affordable, sleek, and appealing. The shiny appearance of this material makes your company appear upscale and elegant, attracting attention as is the purpose of great signage.

    Hanging Signs

    Signs can be used in interior spaces to display offers, coupons, promotions, or events are indoor hanging signs. Common materials for these kinds of hanging signs are PVC, banners, and posters.

    Hanging Signs

    The finish is smooth and great for Sacramento’s indoor and outdoor spaces. It’s a great option if you want high-quality plastic signage but aren’t looking for acrylic.

    Hanging Indoor Wayfinding Signs for hospitals
    Commercial Banner Hanging Signs for Stores in Sacramento

    Hanging Signs

    Banners are versatile, durable, and multipurpose. The signs are highly economical, reusable, and customizable to different sizes that suit your space.

    Hanging Signs

    These signs are personalized and suitable for everything from events to directions. Businesses can engrave any message onto a hanging sign with the help of the right sign company.
    Directional Hanging Signs for Businesses

    Hanging Signs

    Aluminum can withstand versatile weather, making it a perfect option for outdoor needs. The signs come in single and double-sided prints, messages spelled out with drilled holes, or pieces cut to shape.

    Hanging Signs

    Ceiling-suspended signs in banks, hotels, supermarkets, or retail shops help clients to easily identify items on different displays, especially in large spaces.
    Ceiling Hanging Signage for shops
    Indoor Alumalite Hanging Signs in Sacramento

    Hanging Signs

    Alumalite is a lightweight alternative to wood. Solid, weather-resistant alumalite material makes for lightweight but durable signs.

    Hanging Signs

    Weather outdoors can be unpredictable. Drastic changes can cause wear and tear. Solid materials build outdoor signs to resist harsh weather.

    Outdoor Hanging Signs for Business

    Hanging Signs

    These are signs made with pre-painted aluminum sheets with a polyethylene core for a lightweight but strong sign. They’re often used for outdoor signs due to being naturally water-resistant.

    Hanging Signs

    Hanging signs made from wood are aesthetically pleasing for more rural or earthy businesses since they offer a more country and natural look.

    Hanging Signs

    High-Density-Urethane (HDU) is a synthetic material that resembles wood. It doesn’t rot and is popular for custom engraved signage.

    Hanging Signs

    Businesses use hanging signs to advertise, market, or differentiate their brands. They provide information about the type of business, services, and products offered. You can use hanging business signs to help make your space easier to navigate or even to bring your brand to new (literal) heights.

    The Cost of
    Hanging Signs

    Your hanging sign’s price will be dependent on its size, type, material, shape, and complexity. Your best way to get an accurate figure for your hanging sign is to contact our team and discuss your specifications.

    Get Hanging Signs
    Deals and Expert Installation

    Be on the lookout for hanging signs deals near you for more information. Always consult a professional before deciding on the best signs for your Sacramento business.

    Contact our team today, they’re always happy to talk signage with the community.

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