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Understanding Vinyl
Window Covering

Businesses that need signage solutions in Sacramento need not worry as Universal Signs is there to get it done. As a sign company, Universal Signs offers a wide range of signage and graphic services that add style and value to your business. One of the many services that Universal Signs offers includes vinyl window covers.

Vinyl window covers are a type of window signage that is opaque or translucent. They can be cut into any shape to suit the preferred design for your business. Vinyl window signs are perfect for brick and mortar stores and businesses as they engage passersby with business logos or graphics that have business hours and custom lettering for the business.

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    Types of Window

    There are four main types of window signage with their own advantages and specifications. They include:

    Uses for Vinyl
    Window Covering

    There are several benefits to covering windows. The above types of window coverings can be used to achieve the following;

    Vinyl Window Coverings for Privacy - Vinyl window covering frosted the right way can add privacy while also adding class to your space. They allow some light to pass through but keep anyone from really seeing past their frosted appearance. You can also get privacy with perforated window film that lets everyone inside see outside but keeps anyone outside from seeing in.

    Energy-efficient Window Covering - Certain kinds of window film work as an insulator and keep the heat from entering during summer and preserves the warmth contained during winter.

    Decorative Window Covering - Whether you need to get traction on seasonal promotions or generate interest in a new product, window coverings can be a great answer. You can also use decorative vinyl for office windows to spruce up your corporate space. These window signs are printed on high-quality vinyl to

    Informative Window Coverings – Typically done with vinyl lettering, it is similar to clear window decals but the production process is different. The process involves cutting adhesive vinyl from a piece of colored material in different fonts and designs. They are installed individually on the window without any background. They are commonly used to indicate office hours or to label spaces.

    The Costs of Commercial
    Window Covering

    The costs of commercial window coverings can range widely. Various factors determine a specific price for whatever job you need to be done.

    The number of letters used in the signage and the material used highly influence the price your business may incur to get window coverings. Another determining factor is the location of the covering. Outdoor window coverings may cost more compared to indoor ones since outdoor coverings typically need to withstand harsher conditions.

    Custom window graphics and window coverings are something many storefronts, offices, and businesses can use to great effect.

    Contact Universal Signs and have the experts handle your window covering.

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